Typhoid Hits Chegutu

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Thursday, 25 October 2012 08:34


13 suspected cases of typhoid have been reported in Chegutu raising fears of a major diarrhoeal disease outbreak as most local authorities have failed to provide clean water.


It is almost a year since the country recorded outbreaks of typhoid which is a water-borne disease.


To date, over 4 800 suspected cases have been reported with two deaths and the Ministry of Health and Child Welfare says the outbreak is far from over as fresh reports have been recorded in Chegutu.


The Director of Epidemiology and Disease Control Dr Portia Manangazira says fresh reports have been recorded in Kadoma and Chegutu and fears are that the disease could spread to other areas as the rainy season approaches.


“It is embarrassing for a country like Zimbabwe to have outbreaks of diseases such as typhoid. These are diseases of filth and local authorities are to blame. “Their failure to produce portable water has led to these outbreaks and they should put their houses in order. We have reported fresh cases in Chegutu and Kadoma,” she said.


Meanwhile, the World Health Organisation says it will continue to support Zimbabwe in its efforts to contain outbreaks of diseases such as typhoid and cholera.


He said its major intervention now is the integrated disease and surveillance and response programme.


Harare’s Kuwadzana suburb was the epicentre of the typhoid outbreak which then spread to other areas such as Chitungwiza, Bindura and Bulawayo and other areas.


Experts say the solution is a guaranteed adequate supply of safe water, good waste management and proper hygiene practices by the community.


As the country commemorates National Sanitation Week it is important for local authorities to ensure that they prioritize the supply of clean water and proper waste disposal programmes.


Experts say local authorities should prioritise the provision of clean water to rid the country of diseases such as typhoid which have been described by some analysts as primitive.



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